Sale price$263.22 CAD
Depth Options: 19''

Gear Spec

Brand one:one / SPUD INC.
Colour Black
Made In Canada Yes
Length 19''-48''
Width 3''
Height 8''


One:One's Safety Straps offer a simple but reliable solution for protecting both your equipment and your body during the heaviest of lifts.

Available in 19'', 30'' and 42'' lengths, each pair of 3" Wide Reinforced Black Nylon Straps, are rated for over 6,000 LBS, the ends of each strap hanger can be mounted at different heights, giving athletes the option of positioning each strap in a manner that forces the barbell to roll safely away from them after a drop. Each bracket is lined with 1/4'' UHMW to ensure your post / rig remains unmarred. 

If you've been hesitant to lift heavier because you do not have a spotter or a safe means of bailing, you can now push your lifts confidently, knowing you have the One:One safety straps there to support you if you need it!