"My most important goals right now; continue to train hard, believe in myself, live in the moment, give it my all, and have fun with all the experiences it brings."

About Lacey: High school supply teacher, gym co-owner, coach and athlete. Awesome family, husband, and cute little Boston terrier/French bulldog.

Busy is good for me - I train better and focus better. I love what I do and love seeing others achieve their goals. The feeling of getting better and stronger makes all the hard work worth it, PR days are always the best days. I am grateful to CrossFit and Weightlifting because it has allowed me to continue being an athlete and bettering myself everyday.

I am lucky to have a husband that believes in me and supports me. It’s great to have a similar passion and similar goals. I have a great support system! Support from friends, family, sponsors, coaches and the CrossFit/Weightlifting community means a lot and should never go unnoticed.


Athletic Goals:

  • Performing to the best of my ability at the IWF World Championships this year and adding some kilos to my total
  • Continue to represent Canada on the Canadian National Team and climb the rankings
  • Achieving the Canadian Snatch record at 91kg
  • Achieving the Ontario Clean and Jerk record at 111kg
  • Total 200kg plus in the 58kg class
  • Defend my National title in 2016

Past Success:

  • National level gymnast and Track and Field athlete
  • 2011 CrossFit games team
  • 2012 16th world wide open, 2nd Canada East Open
  • 2012, 2013 top ten individual at Regionals
  • 2014 3rd team at Regionals
  • 2015 Ontario Best Female Overall lifter
  • 2015 Ontario 58kg Champion
  • 2015 Ontario Snatch Record 88kg
  • 2015 Canadian 58kg Champion
  • 2015 Canadian World Team member