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Do you have an amazing idea for a new piece of equipment for your gym?
Are you looking for a commerical, home or office fitness solution that you just can't seem to find in retail stores?
Are you looking for design consulting and support to help start or grow your gym?
At one:one, our goal is to bring your ideas to life. 

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Custom Outfitting

Hamilton Orthopaedic Institute

The Hamilton Orthopaedic Institute partnered with One:one for a comprehensive facility expansion. From concept, site measurement, design, and installation. This turnkey project involves collaboration with major stakeholders to create a state of the art cutting-edge facility, aligning with industry standards. From custom branded flooring to optimized storage and the best equipment insuring an enhancedthe patient care experience.

Custom Rig Solution

LIFT - Corktown

In a situation with limited by workable space and a proprietary pneumatic floor. It was critical we worked with major stakeholders to provide a bespoke Pull-up bar / Rig alternative solution to maximize floor space and still provide plenty of functionality.

Elite Functional Competition Rig

Crossfit Alchemy

Crossfit Alchemy had one vision in mind - shock and awe. To create a visual masterpiece that serves their community but also can be used for local competitions and give the ultimate "athletes" experience.

Custom Branding

Redleaf Fitness

In a world where maximizing space is critical. Redleaf want the ability to hold a variety of classes simultaneously in the same space.

By designing an overhead pull-up rig suspended completely on overhead structural members; we were able to keep the floor space under the rig 100% usable and functional.

Custom Branding

Your company's visual identity is so important and you
want it to be out there loud and proud to represent who you are and what you
stand for.

One:One will seamless integrate your branding and logos into
your Rig, Storage equipment / accessories and pretty much anything you can
think of! When customers walk into your gym they need to instantly recognize
that this is the place with your brand on it!

Custom IMTP Rack

Carleton Ravens

Working alongside with the Carleton Ravens to design a custom CMJ + IMTP Rack to allow for quick and efficient testing and training of various student athletes in a small complete package.