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Half Rack Options: 72''' Front | 72'' Back Post

Gear Spec

Brand one:one
Colour Varies
Made In Canada Yes
Length 52''
Width 48''
Height Varies''


The One:One Half Rack is a perfect step up from a standard squat stand. Built with the same quality 3x3” 11-gauge Canadian steel as our One:One Rigs - this half rack features a 52” x 49” base. Originally designed for advanced training facilities / professional sports settings or garage gym enthusiasts looking for a upgrade.

Available with 72'', 90'', 96'' post or a combination of both. The Half Rack offers additional storage/accessory mounting options and endless add-on potential.
The 19'' between the post allows for additional accessories and add-ons for various other functional training movements.

    •  3” x 3” 11 gauge posts available in various combinations:
      • 72''' Post
      • 90'' Post
      • 96'' Post
    • Expanded 1'' Westside Pattern holes from 1-35 for ultimate
      adjustability through the benching and squatting areas
    • 19'' cross-member between each post
    • ¾” Canadian-made structural graded hardware 
    • J-hooks with recycled UHMW inserts
    • Powder coated in our standard black (custom colours available)
    • Champagne Bronze is shown, custom colours available upon request
    • Stabilizing brackets on the back fo the half rack with anchoring points



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