One:One manufactures functional fitness equipment from standard designs or custom conception to final product using the best materials made exclusively in North America. Our philosophy is putting exceptional quality materials into our manufacturing process will inversely result into an exceptional quality product for you to use. It’s a simple One:One ratio, what you put into something is what you get out of it; quality in equals quality out. 

What defines quality? Widely used to describe many products, but hard to achieve in every aspect. That's why here at One:One we only use Canadian made steel, hardware, bolts, wood, paint and even the tools, equipment and machinery that builds our products are proudly made in North America. By searching out these North American made products we can guarantee quality in ours. We believe there is a shift coming in the manufacturing sector and the shift is going back to the way things used to be built - built to last with North American manufacturing standards.

When we claim that our product is built with quality we mean it. Compare our products to others and you will see the difference; that difference comes from countess hours designing, testing, researching and engineering our products well before we set out to build them. A methodical approach when producing our equipment has held our manufacturing standards to the highest level. And when it comes time to manufacture, our fabricators and welders are certified red seal tradesman. But truthfully we are more than tradesman; we are craftsman pouring our passion into each piece we build.

Keeping our manufacturing plant and material suppliers in Canada isn’t easy especially when foreign competitors are abundant but we do this with one purpose in mind. Quality. It shouldn’t be a choice, quality should be standard and at One:One our standard is much higher than most.

- Kevin, President of One:One Limited


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