Essential Home Gym Equipment

Setting up a home gym for the first time

The year 2020 created a very big impact on everyone’s fitness goals. Most plans - ruined! Due to the pandemic, you see gyms closing and restrained outside running. All you can do is stay at home and do new things to keep your sanity and body sweaty.

As you spent most of your days at home last year, you probably already realized the importance of a workout station at the comfort of your own place. In this period of uncertainty, it is hard to compromise health by going outside, so it is best to have your favorite universal weight sets and lifting equipment under your roof.

To get started, here are practical tips for transforming your extra room or unused garage into a home gym.

Take your home gym to the next level with these 4 powerful equipment

Let’s start with the basics. These gym equipment are the reasons why you keep coming back to your favorite workout place. They do wonders in making your every muscle firm and strong. Remember, not everything on the list is everyone’s must-have. You can customize your gym based on your needs and liking.


Power Rack

Power Rack One too One Canada

This essential piece of your home’s fitness station could be one of your best investments. One:One’s power rack is built from 3”x3” 11 gauge making it one of the industry's most rigid rack available. At 48” x 48” x 96”, this power rack is pretty compact, so you can easily fit it in your garage. Add our dip bar, safety spotter arms, and plate storage posts to make the ultimate all-in-one workout machine.

Home pull-up bar

Pull Up Bar For Home Gym

No home workout station can be complete without a pull-up bar to handle any static or kipping movements. If you're looking for a more permanent pull-up bar option to complete your lifting set, One:One’s Home pull-up bar is for you. It has plenty of anchoring points to ensure that it is securely fastened to the wall. Plus, it has a textured powder coating that provides you a positive grip on the bar.

Squat stand

Home Gym Squat Stand

A squat stand is perfect for starting a home gym at a limited budget and space. One:One’s Econ squat stand will not take a lot of space. Even with its smaller dimensions, it still performs as a power rack. It comes with two J-hooks and can also work for bench presses and clean pulls.

Where to buy home gym equipment

If you are ready to get #Quarantoned, several stores offer gym equipment in individual pieces or even home gym sets. But only a few give you the quality gears that are worth your money. So here is a short checklist that will help you choose the perfect partner for your home gym needs.

One Too One Gym Equipment Manufacturers for your home

  • Uses quality materials that are built to last

  • Passes North American manufacturing standards

  • Follows methodical approach when producing equipment

  • Develops products made only by fabricators and welders that are certified red seal tradesman


Make your store search easy by going directly to the store that offers all these qualities - only at One: One Manufacturing.

Will a home gym help me lose weight?

Going to the gym nowadays can be pretty risky. There are chances of a virus outbreak, plus membership fees are a little too expensive. So, if you’re worried about gaining extra pounds at home, worry no more! An extraordinary-built home gym set-up will save you.

Home Gym Setup Essentials

Workout machines at the convenience of your home can prove to be more efficient in helping you lose weight faster and easier than any other gyms can. With all the hustles of your life, a home gym can help you squeeze in a 30-60 minute workout easier. Plus, there’s also no need to pay monthly membership fees! Now, there are no reasons that can stop you from getting fit and healthy.

Why a home gym is better than a commercial gym

As you reach this part of the blog, you might already know the benefits of a home gym. But we are here to give you some more convincing reasons why you should be turning your unused space into a gym of your own.

How to start your own home gym

  • No monthly membership fee

  • Equipment are free to use 24/7

  • No time wasted used in traveling

  • The privacy you always wanted

  • Tailor-fitted equipment based on your fitness goals

  • No sharing of equipment with people you don’t know

  • You can wear whatever you like

While it may seem that buying equipment can be expensive, the truth is that it will save you more time and money in the long run. If you’re ready to make the investment that will change your life and body completely, One:One Manufacturing is always prepared for all your home gym needs. Talk to us.