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Ready to start a gym? Let's talk fitness equipment

Equipment is the lifeblood of your gym. When a new client walks in, you want them to see the light glint off a shiny lat machine. You want them to look around and think, 'I can see myself getting stronger here.'


Your gym equipment should reflect safety, ingenuity, and style. It should attract people who want to get healthier and more fit. Then, it should help them reach their goals.


Every set of dumbbells speaks to your goals as a gym owner and what you're offering your clients.


This guide will help you know what to consider when purchasing commercial gym equipment

 fitness equipment

How To Choose Commercial Gym Equipment

When you choose new fitness equipment, first things first, you need to know your space. Some commercial gym equipment providers offer space planner tools. Those tools can help you maximize the space offered by your current location.


Next, think about what kind of gym you want the space to be. It can be tempting to buy only what you need right now. But consider what your gym will need once you grow a decent client base.


And speaking of clients, who are they? What will they need? The answers to those questions will help you determine the type of equipment to buy.

 fitness equipment

Know Your Clients

Are you opening a Crossfit-style gym? Or one that emphasizes cardio and machine weights? Is your gym intended for people interested in bodybuilding?


Each type of exercise will need different equipment. Crossfit gyms need to incorporate gymnastics apparatuses like rings and climbing ropes. A gym with a focus on cardio won't need as much room for free weights or strength machines.


No matter what, selecting the right equipment depends on your space and your clients. You may need to use an online tool to try different layouts with different types of machines. Take measurements and think about your clients.


You could stuff your gym full of equipment. But consider the flow of traffic from one room to another and how people are going to be moving around. Take into account ample space around your equipment so that your clients don't feel cramped.


If you're a high-performance gym, consider selecting expert tools for body composition coaching. After you determine what your space can hold, you can buy your gym equipment or lease it for a period of time.