Fitness center essentials

Your step by step guide in starting a fitness center

If you like keeping your body and pockets healthy, maybe being a FITprenuer is the life for you. FITpreneurs are entrepreneurs in the health and fitness industry, and they are actually on the rise today. So if you want to be one, this article is for you.

We are giving you practical guides on how to open your fitness center the right way.

Opening a gym checklist

Planning and defining strategies for a business on fitness centers

Business Plan

Some may think doing a business plan is trivial. Wherein fact, a solid plan is your first step to a successful business. This part of the process is crucial as this will help you understand the fitness industry’s ins and outs and let you find the perfect market niche.

If you need funding for your future gym, you can look for some serious investors. The thing is, they always look for an exciting and feasible plan to help them decide if they will shell out some money for your start-up or not. So, make sure you do your research!


Starting a workout station can be quite challenging, especially in the financial aspect. You need to secure high-quality gym equipment that are built to last. You must have powerful workout machines, universal weight sets, lifting equipment, and CrossFit gears.

If the capital is the reason why you still can’t open a gym, you may like to consider some financial sources such as business loans, business partners, or corporate sponsors.


Marketing possibilities for your new business are endless. You just have to be creative enough and think of new ways to promote your workout station. You can do promos, giveaways, discounts, and anything you can think of.

Red Ribbon

After the sleepless nights and all the hard work, it’s time for you to cut the red ribbon and welcome all the fitness enthusiasts and health buffs to your fitness center.

Fitness center racks, barbells and weights

Equipment needed to start a gym

Turn bare spaces into a vibrant gym. Get the best fitness equipment for your future customers.

Rigs are essential equipment for any modern fitness center. Whether it is a wall-mounting or a free-standing rig, it helps gym-goers perform calisthenics and gymnastics exercises such as pull-ups, muscle-ups, and hanging knee raises.

Squat Stands will help your customers do bench presses and any other exercise that typically uses a barbel and needs a spotter.

Storage Solutions keep your clutter at bay. They maintain your workout space stylish and organized between sessions.

Strength and Conditioning Equipment are the ultimate product lineup that can build strength and achieve anyone’s fitness goals in no time.

Equipment for fitness centers

Gym licenses and permits

As a gym owner, you are expected to apply for permits and licenses required by the city you are in. Some of the usual documents needed are:

  • Employer Identification Number

  • Business License

  • Written emergency plan developed by a physician

  • Building and business zoning permits

Other licensing requirements may apply. For more information about local licenses and permits, it is best to check it with your town, city, or county clerk’s office.

Gym requirements for health and safety

Accidents may happen anytime, anywhere, and your fitness center is not an exception. Aside from equipment, health and safety gym features are another excellent investment.

You should conduct a risk assessment to help you address the hazards inside the gym. Also, everyone in the workplace, including you, must undergo training so that your team will have proper knowledge on what to do to keep customers and colleagues safe.

Rigs for fitness centers

New customers must also have proper induction of the gym equipment to avoid possible injuries. You can also make them feel comfortable by guiding them for free for their first week.

As for the facilities, you must conduct environmental and equipment maintenance every quarter. This will keep your gym look good as new.

Are you ready to be a FITpreneur?

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