Rocky Mountain Sandwich J-cups

Sale price$288.61 CAD

Gear Spec

Brand one:one
Colour Black
Made In Canada Yes
Length 10''
Width 4''
Height 8''


One:One's Rocky Mountain J-Hooks are premium upgrade from your standard barbell J-hooks, it was designed and built with aesthetics and durability in mind.

A 1'' UHMW plastic core also sits in the centre of the J-Hook and will protect your barbell from damage and wear over prolonged periods of heavy usage. The bracket is lined with rigid UHMW plastic to protect the post and provide a the perfect fit. 

With a 1000lb weight capacity, One:One's Rocky Mountain J-Hooks will allow you to load up the bar and train confidently, knowing you have protected your investment with quality made equipment supporting you along the way.


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