Daisy Chained Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Sale price$144.80 CAD
Size: 32''
Brackets: Individual Bracket

Gear Spec

Brand one:one
Colour Black
Made In Canada Yes
Length 32'' / 41''
Width 16'' - 54''
Height 24'' / 29''


When one pull-up bar just isn't enough. Based around our standard home gym pull-up bar. The Daisy Chain pull up bar allows multiple pull up bars to be linked together at the same height to allow multiple athletes to work simultaneously. With plenty of anchoring points ensure it's securely fastened to the wall and our standard textured powder coating ensures you have a positive grip on the bar. Recommended installation is on wood stud walls or concrete.
  • Built from 1x2" HSS
  • 1.315" diameter pull up bar - 54" long
  • Locking collar clamps ensure a positive clamp around entire pull-up bar
  • Powder coated black
  • Extends 32'' or 40" from wall



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