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Gear Spec

Brand one:one
Colour Varies
Made In Canada Yes
Length 42''
Width 3''
Height 19''


Our Skyway Arm (more commonly referred to as a muscle up arm) offers a stable, secure and durable extension to allow attachment of rings / rope without interfering with a pull up spot on the rig. 

With this rig attachment you can feel safe and confident in your gymnastic movements knowing you have the support you need to effectively execute higher level gymnastic-rings exercises. From pull ups and toes-to-rings, to muscle ups and rope climbs, our muscle up arm was built to support both smaller and larger athletes alike.

Gym owners can rest assured knowing they have a quality rig attachment that will withstand high-impact usage over long periods of time.

Muscle up arm includes:

(2) ring shackles 
Set of shackle mounting hardware
Set of post mounting hardware


The Skyway Arm requires a minimum of 12' post to safely perform muscle ups with sufficient clearance and requires a crossmember to stabilize at the top of the post. 

Rig must be securely mounted to the floor and/or wall


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