Rig Wall Mount Pads

Sale price$59.62 CAD
Size: Small Wall Mount Pad

Gear Spec

Brand one:one
Colour Varies
Made In Canada Yes
Length 8''/10''
Width 3''
Height 10''


Our proprietary wall mount pads are engineered to disperse load across the pad making installation and fastening to the wall quick and easy.
The wall mount pad eliminates the need for large ugly pieces of wood to be mounted on the wall.  Use of the pads eliminates the need for large and sometimes difficult to find fasteners (3/4'' hardware) into the wall.

Each pad is compatible with both 1/4" or 3/8" anchoring hardware that is commonly found in most local hardware stores. 

Trust the Rig Pads for secure and reliable mounting.

Small Wall Mounting Pads
For standard 4' pull up bars - holes on the pull up bar are spaced 4'' apart

Large Wall Mounting Pads
For standard 70'' pull up bars or crossmembers - holes are spaced 8'' apart



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