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Safety Arms


Brand One:One Manufacturing

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Fabricated from 2x3” HSS and ¼” plate rated capacity of 500lbs. A pair of these are a must for the athlete training alone. Easily adjust to limit the travel of the bar so that unwanted positions aren’t achievable. Also allows for specific exercises such as jerk recoveries, or bottom up squats to be performed safely.

By utilizing the same design and ease of adjustability features of our j-cups the safety support arms can be adjusted to the perfect height and securely locked in with a hitch pin for added safety. Built from quality Canadian steel for superior quality these will protect you from big weight!
  • Powder coated black
  • Recycled UHMW plastic to protect the barbell
  • Sold in pairs
  • Extends 28” from the rig
  • 500lbs capacity
  • 20lbs each
  • If being used on yokes or squat racks they are not recommended for heights over 40” or tipping of the unit may occur


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