Voltra Training Unit

Sale price$3,667.20 CAD

Gear Spec

Brand Beyond Power
Colour Gray
Made In Canada No
Dimensions 12.71" x 5.49" x 3.94"
Resistance Range 5lbs - 200lbs
Cable 112'' High-strength, Synthetic fiber


Introducing the Voltra by Beyond Power – a groundbreaking direct drive cable machine designed to redefine your workout experience. With three distinct training modes – Weight Pulley System, Resistance Band, and Damper Mode – the Voltra offers versatility for every fitness level.

Versatile Training Modes: Easily switch between Weight Pulley System, Resistance Band, and Damper Mode for a diverse and effective workout.

Variable Resistance: Experience both eccentric and concentric movements with constant and adjustable resistance, reaching up to an impressive 200lbs.

Smart LCD Touchscreen Display: Stay in control of your workout with the 4'' LCD touchscreen display, providing real-time data tracking for a comprehensive training session.

Long-Lasting Battery: The Voltra boasts a durable battery, ensuring a lasting workout experience. Conveniently charge with the USB-C charging port for uninterrupted training sessions.

Unique Synthetic Cable: The Voltra features a cutting-edge synthetic cable for smooth and efficient workouts, ensuring durability for the long haul.

Fast Attach and Detach Mechanism: Save time and focus on your workout with the Voltra's swift attach and detach mechanism, allowing seamless transitions between exercises.

Real-Time Data Tracking: Monitor your progress with precision through real-time data tracking, empowering you to optimize your fitness journey.

Enhance your fitness routine with the Voltra – where innovation meets performance for a truly transformative workout. Elevate your training experience with Beyond Power's revolutionary cable machine.

The Voltra Training Unit includes:

  • 1 x VOLTRA I
  • 1 x 65w Charger
  • 1 x 1m Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Carabiner
  • Sliding Rack Mount with various adapters