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Top 3 reasons to get an all-in-one workout machine

Staying in shape keeps you healthy and active and one of the best ways to stay in shape is to use the right workout equipment at the gym. But not everyone has time to commute every day. And who has time to wait your turn to use the equipment? And then there’s the fact that gym operating hours aren’t always accommodating. Plus, depending on where you live (gyms are generally located in city centers and not the suburbs) getting to a gym may mean a long drive.


So why not start a home gym? It eliminates all these problems.  No commute time, no waiting your turn, no more equipment drenched in other people’s sweat. Sounds great right? But every gym needs equipment.


So what kind of workout equipment do you need? Free weights are nice, but an all-in-one workout machine caters to the entire body. Not convinced?


Let’s break down some of the benefits of an all-in-one workout machine.


1. Good Health = Better Business

Dozens of studies and common sense will show that if you focus on your health you will live longer and also perform your best at work. If you’re a founder or CEO or top executive in particular, your ship demands your pristine output, and professionals at every level need to put personal health as a top priority.


2. Time Saved

This is massive. If you go to a gym unless it’s in your building or at your office, you are probably driving at least 15 minutes each way, plus time waiting for your machine (or waiting for a class to start). Let’s call it a minimum of 30 minutes of lost time. If you work out 3x/week, that’s 6 hours/month of time that could have been spent on really important business/professional growth activity. That’s 72 hours a year (9 full standard workdays).


If you’re starting a company, that could be the difference between greatness and failure. If you’re growing your career, that’s a lot of time to fuel big wins. If you’re retired or don’t work that much, then that’s a lot of time to focus on other hobbies. With an all-in-one workout machine,  commute time is about 30 seconds, the time it takes to walk downstairs.


To take this argument a step further: since an all-in-one workout machine can replace every machine in the gym, you save time by not waiting for a machine to open up, setting up weights, and the list goes on. So (not exact numbers) a 60-minute workout at the gym can probably be accomplished in 45 minutes with an all-in-one workout machine at home.


3. You Actually Use It

Playing off #2, one of the biggest reasons people drop their workout consistency is “things come up.” You’re home, it’s 6:30 PM, do you really want to go out in the rain to the gym? Too many excuses/distractions/delays can keep you from sticking to your workout plan. With an all-in-one workout machine, you remove a vast majority of excuses and it’s really cool and fun so you actually use it.


An all-in-one workout machine offers intense muscle development, is safe, and it occupies a relatively small space. Plus they’re built to last long. A combination of these features delivers the desired levels of home workouts for everyone. Owning an all-in-one home gym that provides a full-body workout is a convenient & effective way to lose weight and build muscle.