Rigs - Freestanding

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Gear Spec

Brand one:one
Colour Varies
Made In Canada Yes
Length Varies
Width 48'' +
Height 108'' +


One:One’s Freestanding Rigs are a modular assembly that mount anywhere in your gym. Built with our Canadian 3”x3”-11 gauge structural steel posts, our rig is as solid as they come. Designed with superior quality in mind these versatile rigs are ready to handle the most intense and creative workouts.

Each rig alternates between 4' Squat sections and 6’ pull-up bar sections for sufficient spacing to load/unload the barbell. Freestanding rigs come with standard 42'' width pull up bars. 

    •  3” x 3” - 11 gauge posts standing 9’ high (custom heights available)
    • 4' wide (custom widths available)
    • Expanded 1'' Westside Pattern holes from 1-35 for ultimate
      adjustability through the benching and squatting areas
    • ¾” Canadian-made structural grade hardware 
    • J-hooks with recycled UHMW inserts are included with
      every 4’ section for barbell work
    • Finished with our proprietary black sandtex powder coating
      (custom colours available)
    • The rig must be secured concrete floor
    • Concrete floor anchors are included

    View add-ons in our Rig Attachments section. Muscle-up stations and other custom options are available upon request.



    Applicable for orders over $3000

    ONT $300
    REST OF CANADA  $400


    Applicable for order under $3000
    We prioritize transparency and accuracy in providing information to our customers.
    For rig purchases under $3000, a member of the One:One team will contact you  to provide updated and precise shipping costs. This ensures clear communication and ensures that you are fully aware of the total cost of your rig purchase, including shipping.

    If you are located in a remote area of Canada, you may be contacted after you place an order if additional shipping is required. You may choose to pay the additional cost or if you prefer not to pay the additional shipping cost we can promptly refund your order.

    Outside of Canada will be subject to typical shipping rates.
    Please Contact Us for customization, special project quoting or if any issues arise.

    4' Freestanding 10' Freestanding 14' Freestanding 20' Freestanding 24' Freestanding 30' Freestanding 34' Freestanding 40' Freestanding 44' Freestanding
    2 Squat/Bench Stations 2 Squat/Bench Stations 4 Squat/Bench Stations 4 Squat/Bench Stations 6 Squat/Bench Stations 6 Squat/Bench Stations 8 Squat/Bench Stations 8 Squat/Bench Stations 10 Squat/Bench Stations
    4 Pull-up Stations 4 Pull-up Stations 10 Pull-up Stations 13 Pull-up Stations 16 Pull-up Stations 19 Pull-up Stations 22 Pull-up Stations 25 Pull-up Stations 28 Pull-up Stations
    4 Post 6 Post 8 Post 10 Post> 12 Post 14 Post 16 Post 18 Post 20 Post